Can you spray tan while pregnant?

We get asked this question A LOT!

With proper approval, expecting mothers should have no problem getting a BLISS spray tan!

 CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR expecting mommas should ALWAYS consult their doctor before scheduling their spray tan. We are happy to provide you with an ingredient list of the product we will use, this way your doc can fully understand the product being applied.

PREGNANCY + HORMONES = CHANGING SKIN Pregnancy can cause many hormonal imbalances which may affect the spray tan. Please be aware this could cause spray tan unevenness, light development, or no development. While we’ve never had this happen, there’s always a chance!

SAFETY FIRST!  FDA currently approves and regulates DHA for external use only and does not approve for internal consumption. To comply with FDA regulations, BLISS offers nose filters and a commercial and spray tan specific extraction system. We always recommend (but not mandatory), per the FDA to bring eye cover and to wear underwear during your tanning sessions.

 ARE YOU BREASTFEEDING? Please remember DHA (what makes you tan) and cosmetic bronzer is transferable during development. You should avoid breastfeeding during the development period. Ideally, it is best to wear a bra or bikini top during the sunless service, this way the nipple is not exposed allowing for the infant to ingest.