I LOVE Bliss!! I’ve been tanned by both owners and Gabby and everyone is so friendly and so great at making you feel comfortable...even in your most vulnerable state (I normally tan in just a thong). Plus, there are very few better feelings than being (safely) tan in the middle of a single-digit winter!! The space is absolutely adorable and conveniently located centrally in Grandview. As long as I’m in Columbus, Bliss is the only place I will spray tan!
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EMILY PARSONS | @emilyvdw

Bliss is hands down the best spray tanning salon in all of Columbus! I’ve never had a spray tan where every person who sees me, asks where I got my amazing tan! Bliss is the only place I would trust before my wedding, and for every day in between!
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ANGELIQUE EVA | @angelique_danowitz

LOVE BLISS! This is definitely the best spray tanning salon around. The owners are absolutely amazing and make you feel super comfortable. The only place i will go to for a spray tan, it always looks incredible NOT ORANGE OR STREAKY! I could go on and on about how much I love this place, my point is if you’re looking for a great place to get a spray tan this is it!
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CHARLENE WESTFALL | @charlene_westfall

Walking into the Bliss studio is such a unique experience! Forget the typical, boring tanning salons, because Bliss has bright pink walls and fun, whimsical decorations everywhere! The salon owners go the extra mile to make the tanning experience fool proof. I never worry about looking orange, streaky, or having splotchy hands/feet. My tan is always a natural color that I feel confident to show, even right after I leave the salon.
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Britain Bennett | @britain_bennett

One thing to know about me is that spray-tans are my LIFE! As a redhead, I have gone through the struggles of finding the perfect shade for my complexion, and definitely have had my patchy, “orange” moments... BLISS Airbrush Tanning has truly changed the spray-tan game! They customize every color to the client’s complexion leaving them feeling more confident than ever. Did I mention not having to worry about damaging your skin in the tanning bed or laying outside for hours?! Don’t know what I’d do without BLISS!
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ASHLEY DAMRON | @adamronnn

Hi! My name is Ashley and I’m SO excited to be a BLISS babe! I have always been obsessed with self tanning and finding the right one is hard. I’ve been to a few different places and BLISS has been my favorite by far. I always feel super comfortable whenever I go in and get a spray tan. The spray tan that I always get is the venetian! It lasts me about a week and a half to two weeks. After 24 hours, I literally look like I just got back from a tropical vacation! I’ve never seen a more gorgeous spray tan than the ones at BLISS.
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CAROLINE RICE | @carolinerice19

I LOVE BLISS! There’s nothing better than a gorgeous spray tan and I always feel amazing after I leave Bliss. It’s a huge confidence booster and I even feel so confident wearing no makeup because of the tan. I actually can’t go anywhere without a Bliss tan now because I love how naturally tan I look. When I’m on the sidelines and on camera, I love that I don’t have to use fake tanner and body bronzers anymore. I also love the color of my tan, Bliss always gets it right for me! I have very fair skin and I avoid the sun at all costs so for me to be able to have this color and glow all of the time makes me feel so good. I can’t say enough good things about Bliss Tans, but the feeling that I have while confidently wearing my tan as I navigate my busy life is truly the best thing I could ever ask for!
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